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Assault Industries Universal Ballistic D V2 UTV Steering Wheel

Execute your Off-Roading Style

If you want your machine to be the best it can be, then it's time to get serious and lock it up by having everything in order. This includes adding Assault Industries' Universal Ballistic "D" V2 Steering Wheel to your machine. It's been strategically designed to give you more control and its shape allows to enter and evac your side-by-side easily.

Enhanced Grip

The leading-edge design of this steering wheel gives you added grip at 10 and 2 for more control when things get turbulent. It also features "D" design, so when you need exit your machine swiftly you won't bang your knees.

Intimidating Design

This steering wheel features a design that gives your cab an intimidating look that you want when you take on rough terrain. It has a CNC cut aluminum plate with the options of 4 different colored lower plates for added style. And it's finished in pitch-black suede material so your sweaty palms won't slip off the wheel.

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