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CT Race Worx - Maverick 3 Piece Gusset Kit

Strengthen your front control arms with our three-piece gusset kit, purpose-built to fortify vulnerable mounting points that can bend or flex under heavy impacts. Crafted from resilient materials, this kit features a robust 3/16 cold rolled steel front plate connecting all four upper and lower A-arm mounting positions, offering unparalleled durability. We've tested different thicknesses and opted for the sturdier 3/16 gauge due to its resilience against trail debris. Additionally, a long narrow piece reinforces rear mounting points for the lower A-arms, while a channel-shaped piece supports the upper A-arms above the diff, featuring a radiator hose-friendly design. Available in various colors, please note that modification is required for factory winch mounts as the four winch mounting holes need to be adjusted away from the gusset. (Not compatible with the X3 Model.) Upgrade your ride's resilience with ease.
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