CT Race Worx - Maverick X3 Bombproof Front Upper Shock Mount

The stock X3's front upper shock mount lacks the double shear design needed for optimal stability, placing excessive force and leverage on the bolt and frame. This can result in unwanted movement during hard impacts or bottom outs. That's precisely why we developed this product in late 2016.

Our solution involves a sheet metal bracket made from heavy-gauge grade 50 steel, engineered for robust bracing and gusseting. The bracket is secured to the frame with four bolts, providing superior support. Vertical sheet metal pieces seamlessly connect our billet bracket to the top of the frame. Importantly, our design maintains the original routing of radiator hoses and wiring, eliminating the need to remove hoses. Plus, it ensures unrestricted airflow behind the radiator.

Our 6061 billet shock mount is meticulously crafted to mimic the factory bracket, with a focus on optimizing strength and stability. The bracket is supported by our external brace, extending to the chassis's outer edge to maximize control and minimize twisting. The sheet metal lower brace connects to the billet aluminum upper piece via two 1/2" grade 8 bolts, providing a secure foundation for optional limit straps. The radiator mounts remain in their original positions, ensuring a robust and aesthetically pleasing setup that maintains factory dimensions. Enhance your X3's front end with confidence and style.

This is KOH, XC and DAKAR Proven to add strength and rigidity.

Key features:

  • Limit straps can be added by clicking here
  • Shock reservoirs can be ran in the stock position flipped in or flipped out
  • Radiator lines do not have to be removed to install this kit
  • Lower brace design is the most rigid on the market and doesn't restrict exiting airflow
  • 100% bolt on
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