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CT Race Worx - Maverick X3 Bombproof Gusset Kit

The X3 Bombproof Gusset Kit – your go-to solution for keeping your machine straight, true, and ready to conquer the toughest trails. This kit offers essential reinforcement and durability, serving as inexpensive insurance for trail riders who want to push their limits. It's also a must-have for those planning to add a winch to their setup.

We've taken the extra step by using higher-grade steel, specifically grade 50, instead of the commonly used A36. Grade 50 boasts superior yield and tensile strength while being lighter, making it the optimal choice for our gussets. Many others in the industry opt for A36 due to its lower material cost, but it tends to stretch – far from ideal for gussets. We believe in transparency, which is why we're sharing our material choice, unlike many competitors.

Our kit includes five individual pieces and all necessary hardware. Our race plate replaces the front lower A-arm studs using form-threaded 4130 chromoly weld nuts that we manufacture in-house. This design ensures easy future service and A-arm removal.

What truly sets us apart is our unique plate system. We've created three distinct welded assemblies that connect the front mounting points and upper rear mount in full. No other company in the industry offers this level of reinforcement. The front of the X3 is what we call a "floating front end," supported solely by the radiator and the front A-arms. Our front welded assembly prevents twisting and excessive stress on the A-arm bolts, ensuring the front frame section is securely integrated with the rest of the chassis. Above the differential, we have two metal pieces that link the rear upper pivot point to both front A-arm points, significantly enhancing frame strength and stability. This design also helps distribute energy during pulling forces, reducing frame twisting. The single plate over the differential ties the upper mounting points together, preventing twisting under hard impacts. Lastly, additional reinforcement is provided to the rear lower mounting points, completing the gusset kit.

Installation typically takes around 5 hours, and while some mechanical background or general handy skills are recommended, detailed instructions with images are included. Most of the front suspension components need to be removed, but the differential remains in place unless specific factory hardware replacement is needed. Elevate your X3's performance and durability with our X3 Bombproof Gusset Kit.

Key Points:

-Front Diff does not need to be removed for installation

-Full Tie in of mounting points creating the most complete and strongest gusset kit on the market

-Grade 10.9 Metric Hardware

-"Race Plate" is added as a replacement to the front lower studs and acts as weld nuts to very easily installation and service down the road

-Easier installation than our previous gusset kits

-Works with standard, smartlock and full billet front diffs

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