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CT Race Worx - Maverick X3 Chromoly Front Diff Tray

Introducing our 4130 front diff tray for the X3, crafted entirely from high-strength chromoly. This component serves two essential purposes: repairing a damaged frame or enhancing a fresh build with increased strength.

Leveraging our precise scan data of the stock frame, we've strategically positioned the diff exactly where it's located in the stock configuration, using multiple layers of robust chromoly. To ensure structural integrity, we've also integrated the front pivot point of the lower control arms, creating a cohesive and fortified assembly.

The "wings" on the back of the tray are designed to wrap around the tubes. While this may require heat and a hammer for a snug fit, they can also be trimmed with a cut-off wheel if necessary. The rivet holes on the bottom of the frame align perfectly with the plate, facilitating a seamless installation.

Please note that this installation involves a substantial amount of cutting and welding. For optimal results, we recommend utilizing tig welding, especially when working on a fresh build with a bare frame. In cases of frame repair, mig welding may be a more suitable option. When repairing a frame, it's advisable to remove as much paint as possible, using a wire wheel rather than a grinder, as the factory frame is already relatively thin.

Choose our 4130 front diff tray to reinforce your X3's frame and ensure long-lasting durability in the most demanding off-road conditions.

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