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CT Race Worx - Maverick X3 MOAB Bulkhead

MOAB (Mother of All Bulkheads) Bulkhead, a product born from the rigorous demands of our sponsored racer, Kyle Chaney, the 2017 Season Champion in the TORC series (now Champ, previously Lucas Oil).

Designed specifically for his high-performance car, our MOAB Bulkhead was engineered to replace the factory bulkhead, offering enhanced strength without significant added weight. Crafted from three separate pieces of grade 50 steel, meticulously CNC-formed, and expertly welded together, this bulkhead boasts exceptional durability. We've strategically bump-formed the front edge to replicate the factory tube's shape while doubling its rigidity and strength. Our design meticulously considers the force distribution and reinforces areas that need it while optimizing weight reduction wherever possible.

Proven in races like TORC, LOORS, Champ, GNCC, desert runs, and various other challenging terrains, the MOAB Bulkhead remains robust and visually appealing. We've transformed it into a production part that's budget-friendly for all, not just professional racers. Inside the bulkhead, you'll find five 1/4-20 weld nuts, allowing you to attach an extended slide plate or gravel guard.

We highly recommend the MOAB Bulkhead for riders who don't require a winch mount but seek to fortify the front end of their machine. Combine it with our Bombproof Gusset Kit and Bombproof Upper Shock Mount for the ultimate in front-end strength.

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