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CT Race Worx - Maverick X3 Rear Radius Rod Reinforcement Plate

Our rear radius rod reinforcement plate for the X3, expertly crafted from 4130 chromoly. This component serves two critical purposes: restoring a damaged frame or reinforcing a fresh build for unmatched strength.

Leveraging our precise scan data of the stock frame, we've strategically positioned the radius rod holes with pinpoint accuracy, conforming seamlessly to the factory stamped sheet metal. Ensuring proper conformity to the factory sheet metal is essential, as any deviation can lead to radius rod interference throughout the suspension's full travel.

Our design includes a plate that sits beneath the transmission and an additional plate that welds inside the chassis under the transmission, creating a robust and interconnected structure. Due to variations, stresses, and other factors, we highly recommend using a rigid radius rod plate, such as our billet radius rod plate, as a fixture during the welding process. While the factory frame allows the "faces" of the factory plate to move and adjust, our chromoly plates offer unparalleled rigidity, ensuring stability once fully installed. It's crucial to take your time and execute this process meticulously.

Our welding approach involves a billet pull plate and spacers to set the pull plate away from the chassis, followed by welding and allowing it to cool completely. This set of plates also includes lasered holes for our radius rod race plates, which we strongly recommend purchasing to fortify the rear of the chassis thoroughly.

Please note that this installation requires a significant amount of cutting and welding. While tig welding is preferred, mig welding may be a suitable option for frame repairs, while tig welding is recommended for fresh builds with a bare frame. When repairing a frame, we recommend removing as much paint as possible using a wire wheel, with a grinder used only as a last resort, considering the factory frame's thin nature.

Choose our rear radius rod reinforcement plate to ensure the utmost strength and durability for your X3's rear chassis, whether for repairs or as a vital enhancement to your off-road performance.

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