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CT Race Worx - Maverick X3 Stealth Winch Bulkhead, Gen 2

CT Race Worx Stealth Winch Bulkhead, a smart solution for seamlessly adding a winch to the front of your X3 without compromising your approach angle.

Crafted entirely from robust 3/16" Grade 50 steel, this winch bulkhead is designed to accommodate most ATV/UTV winches up to 6,000 pounds, featuring a 3x6.66 bolt pattern. Specifically, it's compatible with winches like the Viper Elite Widespool, Viper Max Widespool, Warn, and Superwinch. While the Gen 2 design allows for potential compatibility with other winches, they haven't undergone test fitting.

For enhanced front-end strength, consider pairing our bulkhead with our gusset kit, resulting in a significantly reinforced and capable machine.

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