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CT Race Worx - Polaris Pro R/Turbo R Front Gusset Kit

Reinforce your Pro R and Turbo R's frame with our expertly crafted Front Chassis Gusset Kit. In high-impact situations like G-outs, encounters with obstacles, or jumping, the front suspension pivot points experience outward force, while the rear points compress inward. This is evident when the tires are pushed rearward in the wheel well. Our gusset kit addresses this issue within the chassis's design constraints. Crafted entirely from 3/16" grade 50 American Made steel, the front plate unites all four front suspension pivot points, bolstering the chassis's resilience against tough impacts. Meanwhile, the rear upper pivot gusset replaces the factory bracket, doubling its material thickness and enhancing overall bracket design. Choose between bare metal or semi-gloss black powder coat to match your preferences.
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