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PRP Can-Am Maverick X3 Seat Lowering Bracket

Many have argued that the Can-Am Maverick X3’s seating angle is a bit too reclined. Sit a bit more upright with PRP’s Can-Am Maverick X3 Seat Lowering Bracket. This kit lowers the front mounting point of the sliding rails by 2” allowing you to get your seating angle just right. The stock Can-Am Maverick X3 slider rails have two mounting points in the front that allows you to adjust your seat into a upper or lower position. PRP’s Seat Lowering Bracket creates a third “extra low” mounting point.

  • Perfect for those who have a low cage, or are installing a large composite seat.
  • Create more adjustability in your X3 seats
  • Great for those who want less seat recline, or have low cages
  • Lowers the front of your stock Can-Am X3 sliders 2”
  • Includes two brackets, two bolts, two washers, two spacers
  • Works with PRP or stock seats
  • *May not work on 2020+ models with reinforced cage bars that run underneath the seat.
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