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PRP Limit Straps

Limit straps are vital in custom suspension setups helping to prevent damage to suspension and drivetrain components. Without limit straps, the force of your vehicle’s un-sprung weight can cause damage to shocks when jumping or at high speeds over rough sections. Limit straps can also prevent damage to your CV joints. All CV joints have a maximum amount of degree of deflection at which they can safely be run. With custom suspension setups, the deflection angle can go farther than the CV joint can handle, resulting in damage, shorter run life, and CV failure. Limit straps can prevent this by reducing the amount of maximum angle on your axles.

  • Sewn 4 layers thick with 10,000lb webbing
  • Available in 1" increments from 6" to 44" to fit your specific application (Measured from the center of each hole)
  • Sold individually.
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