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PRP Universal Angle Mount

Used for universal mounting. These “L” shaped universal angle mounts are used to connect the vertical tabs underneath the seat to a flat surface. Can be used to adapt our seats to a flat surface (vehicle pan). PRP’s Slider Kit, and several other stock vehicle slider tracks.

  • 1/8" powder coated steel seat mounts
  • Can be mounted up or down for different seating heights
  • Pre-drilled to fit all standard width PRP seats
  • Measurement 19" x 1 1/4"
  • One pair needed per seat
  • Standard – This is the standard version of our angle brackets, that fits all of our Off-Road seats with tabs on the bottom. Tab bolt holes measure (14"W x 18"L)
  • 3" Short – This version is 3 inches shorter front to back. Is needed when mounting bench seats, or UTV seats that have a tabbed frame. Tab bolt holes measure (14"W x 15"L)
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