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SpeedStrap 5/8" Lil Mama Kinetic Recovery Rope

The Lil Mama Kinetic Tow Rope is the ultimate way to recover your UTV, SXS, or Lightweight Buggy. Unlike traditional tope ropes where you need to get the rope tight before you pull, a kinetic rope’s design allows you to get a running start with the recovery vehicle, and use the extra kinetic energy to pull it free. SpeedStrap’s design uses double braided nylon webbing with an inner core and outer cover, that creates two stages of tension that puts less shock load on the vehicles, while still pulling them free. While pulling, the rope stretches and builds up kinetic energy. Once the rope reaches it maximum stretch, it snatches back and releases that energy to pull the stuck vehicle out of the mud, sand, or snow.
Speedstrap’s Kinetic Tow Ropes are made to last. With a Water, UV, and Abrasion resistant coating to help your rope maintain its life even in the harsh off-road environment. The ropes also feature a built in black tracer in the webbing – that reflects light at night for high visibility. Both ends have a protective sheath around the hook up points to prevent abrasion. The rope can be attached to the vehicles with any soft or metal shackle.
  • Puts less shock load on the vehicles, while still pulling them free
  • Built from high quality double braided nylon webbing with built-in black tracer that reflects light for high visibility
  • Water, UV and Abrasion resistant
  • Attach with any metal or soft shackle
  • 14,800lbs Breaking Strength
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