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SuperATV Can-Am Maverick X3 Wheel Bearing

When your stock wheel bearing starts to deteriorate, you’ll know it. Your Can-Am X3 will start making weird sounds and the wheels will wobble. This is more than annoying—it can damage your suspension if you don’t swap the bad wheel bearing out quick. Forget about stock bearings and get SuperATV’s more reliable, longer-lasting wheel bearing for the Can-Am Maverick X3. The double angular ball bearing we use runs smooth and installs perfectly for maximum performance.

With these wheel bearings, you get smooth, friction-free performance for your wheel/hub assembly. They use a rubber-coated exterior to prevent sand, dust, and water intrusion around the bearings. Plus, they’re packed with marine-grade grease that keeps them running smooth through it all. We made sure they match stock specifications precisely so that you get a quick and easy install.

  • Ensures smooth, friction-free movement of the hub assembly
  • Rubber-coated exterior creates a seal at the hub for constant pressure
  • Designed to keep out water, dirt, and sand
  • Packed with marine-grade grease for optimal performance
  • Quick and easy installation
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