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Rugged Radios Rocker Switch Variable Speed Controller (VSC) for MAC Helmet Air Pumper - Complete Switch & Wiring Harness

ontrol your pumper system with our Rocker Switch Variable Speed Controller!

Take control of your air with the Rocker Switch Variable Speed Controller (VSC) for the MAC Helmet Air Pumpers! This convenient rocker switch panel controller gives you quick, easy access to adjust the volume of air flow in your pumper without taking up valuable dash space. This rocker switch acts as both the on/off switch and power control for the pumper speed.

This is the must-have upgrade for customers who want to control the air flow of their MAC helmet air pumper. Already have the VSC? Use your existing wiring and purchase our Switch Upgrade Only option!

Compatibility: Fits MAC Air, MAC-1X, or MAC3.2 Pumper Systems. Switch fits in most standard rocker switch panel holes measuring .830" x 1.45" (21.08mm x 36.83mm)

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