Will Powersport Pros install purchased parts on my vehicle?

Yes. You can purchase your parts in person or online, have them delivered to Powersport Pros at the Lake Elsinore location, and schedule a time to drop off your vehicle. Contact to get a quote on the installation and to schedule a drop off date.

Does Powersport Pros manufacture its own parts?

Yes. Some Powersport Pros products are built in-house at our shop. Our team of experienced fabricators build everything from full-size off road race trucks to parts for UTV’s. We test all our products on our own race vehicles to make sure they will be durable and function as intended. 

Can I modify an order?

Many of our Powersport Pros parts are custom made for a specific application. A deposit is required for special orders on manufactured parts and modifying the order may affect final pricing. Online orders may be modified or canceled prior to the order shipping. Once an order ships, it is subject to our returns policy. 

Can I have a UTV cage or long travel kit shipped to my location?

Yes. Upon special request, UTV cages, long travel kits and roof racks can be sent via truck freight from Lake Elsinore, California. We don’t profit from shipping, so whatever the cost is we will simply add it to the invoice. Costs vary depending on destination and what may be required to unload the products. Please contact to get a custom quote.

I ordered an aftermarket part and it doesn’t work with my other modifications. Can Powersport Pros help with this?

Most likely. Off road aftermarket parts manufacturers generally make parts to fit the OEM vehicle. Once a vehicle is modified, additional aftermarket parts are not necessarily going to fit and function as they were intended. Our team understands this and can apply their knowledge and experience to try and come up with an innovative solution. Contact to discuss your specific situation and see if we can help.

Does Powersport Pros handle off road vehicle insurance claim repairs?

Yes. If your off-road vehicle was damaged in an accident and you have insurance coverage for it, we can give you a quote for your insurance and complete the necessary repairs. Please contact for assistance.